Measurement of magnetic fields in the μT and nT range

Cestriom GmbH extends its capabilities in measuring smallest magnetic fields by using high sensitivity probes AS-UAP GEO-X for the Gaussmeter FM302.

Magnetic fields up to a maximum of +/- 200μT can be measured. The maximum resolution at the highest sensitivity (+/- 2μT) is approx. 1nT.

There exist many application fields:

  • Magnetic field measurement of materials with low ferromagnetic content.
  • Measurement of magnetic moments of objects (values as low as 0,2mAm2 can be measured depending on the measurement accuracy requirement).
  • Analysis and evaluation of low intensity magnetic fields.
  • Detection of ferromagnetic masses from distance.
  • Other on request.
Gaussmeter FM302 with probe AS-UAP GEO-X
Gaussmeter FM302 with probe AS-UAP GEO-X