Mobile magnetic field device MGFE-70 with magnetizing and demagnetizing function

There are many different fields of application for mobile magnetizing and demagnetizing devices in magnetic field technology. The devices often have to be brought to the place of use first, which is why high mobility is advantageous. With regard to functionality, high magnetic field strength and, for special applications, high precision and extended field control are of interest.

Depending on the application, functions for magnetization or demagnetization are required, in some cases combinations of both functions are also used.

The typical fields of application are:

  • Magnetizing and demagnetizing in NDT (Magnetic Particle Testing MT, Eddy Current Testing ET)
  • Demagnetizing of rotating machines (shafts, bearing seats, etc.)
  • Demagnetizing in the field of mechanical and tool engineering
  • Demagnetization or targeted counter-magnetization as preparation before welding
  • Demagnetization of steel components, etc. due to required residual magnetism limits
  • Special applications in research, development, etc.

The magnetic field generator MGFE-70 has been developed considering the above mentioned points.

Magnetic field device MGFE-70