Rotating field demagnetizer RFS

Demagnetizer LM20+RFS03
3x RFS03 with power module LM20

The rotating field demagnetization system of the RFS series was developed for demagnetizing rolling bearing rings or flat, rotationally symmetrical parts. An RFS unit consists of three coils that interact to form a rotating field. In combination with automatic pulse demagnetization with progressive frequency, optimum results are achieved after demagnetization.

The RFS system is particularly suitable as process preparation for subsequent eddy current testing methods because the rotating field demagnetization provides highly homogeneous results.

The system is very effective for demagnetizing roller bearing rings. The rings are magnetically fluxed by the rotating field along the “closed magnetic circuit”. This is much more effective than with unidirectional fluxing, such as with a normal tunnel coil.

A rotating field coil system consists of a power module LM and three coils RFS, which together form a rotating field unit.

Specifications coil system RFS:

Coil systemEffective diameterOuter dimension WxLxHPower module
RFS03100…300mm460×410 x42mmLM14…LM20
Other dimensions on request


  • Demagnetization of flat parts or rings from one side with 3x RFS03
  • Demagnetization of flat parts or rings from both sides by rotating the component or by using two units 3x RFS03 from one side each
  • Manual operation by placing the components by hand
  • Automated demagnetization by placing the components by robot or similar
  • Duration of the demagnetization pulse adjustable in the range of approx. 1s…7s
  • Cycle duration (number of demagnetization pulses per time) approx. 3s to 30s, depending on application

Integration example in Flexitest system from N-Dect GmbH

The RFS rotating field coils were developed together with the company N-Dect GmbH. N-Dect offers eddy current test systems, such as the Flextest station. The Flexitest systems can be equipped directly with the RFS03 rotating field coil system.

Rotating field demagnetizer RFS03 integrated in N-Dect Flexitest
Rotating field demagnetizer RFS03 integrated in N-Dect Flexitest