By means of troubleshooting we understand the systematic analysis, causes research and solution of magnetic issues. In most cases a site visit is necessary to analyze the situation. After identification of the cause, an on site demagnetization service is often applied in order to solve the magnetic field issue immediately. We offer our troubleshooting internationally.

Together with your knowledge of your machines and processes, we will find a solution.

Further examples:

  • Bearing or seal damage on large rotating machinery (example: magnetism induces currents in centrifugal gas compressors causing damage to seals).
  • Production of steel with excessive residual magnetism (e.g. magnetization of reinforcement bars or rails by production processes or unsuitable storage in steelworks).
  • Magnetism induced deflection of electron beam processes (example: electron beam deflection when welding magnetized parts).
  • Poor quality of weld seams caused by magnetic effects (example: ferromagnetic machine parts interfere with the welding process).
  • Coating problems caused by residual magnetism (example: irregular coating thickness caused by residual magnetism).
  • Technical cleanliness requirements can’t be fulfilled due to residual magnetism (example: residual magnetism causes adhesion of ferromagnetic particles).

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