In-house demagnetization

Cestriom GmbH offers the demagnetization of customer parts at its own location as a service.

Typically sample parts or small series, recently provided with residual magnetism limits, are demagnetized by this service. The service is often used simultaneously for the analysis of the parts with regard to magnetism and for the design of a later demagnetization process for series production.

demagnetizing equipment


  • Power modules LM14 to LM68 and MGFE
  • Coil SSM06 (active area WxH 260x130mm)
  • Coil SSM13 (active area BxH 560x350mm)
  • Cable coils for demagnetizing larger parts
  • Yokes
  • Special coils

Measuring device:

  • Magnetism meter FM302 with various probes

Logistical capacities:

  • Max. Delivery size at main location: Euro pallet up to approx. 200kg

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