Pulse demagnetizing device for small parts and automated cells

Compact and reliable solutions are crucial in automated cells. A company for automated precision measurement had the requirement to demagnetize small automotive 100Cr6 parts before eddy current testing and cleaning process.

Cestriom GmbH met this requirement by developing a pulse demagnetizer with a compact coil SSM01.

Pulse demagnetizer LM14 + SSM01 for the demagnetization of small parts at fast cycle times


  • Standard power module LM14
  • Process monitoring with multipoint testing
  • Coil SSM01 with active area: 50x50x80mm
  • External dimensions of coil housing (black): 150x150x100mm
  • Field strength up to ~200kA/m
  • High-precision progressive frequency sine pulse
  • Pulse duration below 1’000ms feasible
  • Cycle time of several pulses / 10s achievable
  • Precise demagnetization for lowest residual magnetism
  • Suitable for automated systems such as rotary tables, linear systems, robot handling, etc.